What lies on the other side of the known and unknown is where we can justBE.

To justBE requires confronting our deepest selves, accepting our flaws, and turning them into a badge of honour.

we need to allow walls to dissolve, allow ink to meet paper, allow water to change states, to allow ourselves to justBE.


My piece is about confronting writer’s block. In it, I reflect on my own experience as a writer and face the wall that stops me from crafting ideas into coherent thoughts. It’s about facing; it’s about finding. Finding a means to break through the wall and justBE.

A journey through ice, water, steam, and all the states in between.

A Journey about the In-between of L/languages.

This piece focuses on self-reflection, personal growth and finding my identity as a Black woman during COVID-19 and the subsequent re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement following George Floyd’s death. 

Be You Bravely