Once upon a time, there was an architect and a builder who loved each other. They were different in every way, but that helped them work together. The architect was always taking inspiration from the world around him, designing blueprints that would craft the most beautiful building. But he didn’t have the means to build. The builder, on the other hand, was great with her hands, always putting together a puzzle that was meant to be built. But she didn’t have the means to design. And this is why they worked together. 

One day, the builder asked her lover to go find new ideas for her to build. She wanted to build the most beautiful home, but needed the blueprints to do so. So, off the architect went, searching for a place to collect ideas. He soon stumbled upon an expanse of inspiration, an endless field of idea blocks, placed there by previous architects for repurposing. 

The architect was determined to find the best blocks for his lover. He picked up each and every block, examined it, and threw it behind him—none of the blocks were good enough for her! He searched for hours and hours and found nothing. He was frustrated and decided to go home. But, when he turned around to the path home, giving up for the day, a wall had formed, blocking his way! A wall created by the discarded idea blocks.

He screamed in frustration at the wall, cursing it to the moon and back, but this only made the wall stronger. He kicked the wall with all his might, but the wall only hurt his foot. He tried to climb the wall, but the wall only grew taller. 

Then he spotted a crannied hole in the wall between two bricks that were wide enough for the architect to see through to the other side. Through this hole he saw his love, the builder, sitting and waiting for him to reach home. The architect called to her, as loud as he could, but she did not hear. 

And, after a long period of time, the architect slowly started to give up…