Quiescent Transition

In the middle of the internal world that resides in the mind and the external world that other minds inhabit–there exists a liminal space in which one spends a period of time in quiescence. Our desire to move forward is sometimes immobilized as we become paralyzed with thoughts about the reception of our craft once it reaches the outer world.

“These hands. They made me think that they’re skinny, frail, and incapable of being beautiful in many ways. but when I was younger, intuitively, I always thought of them as being unique. but why do I associate my hands with shame? Where did it come along and cling to me like old gum?”

“I felt creatively alive. My art had been dormant for so long and it’s finally being awakened. I’m seeing the beauty in it; the possibilities in it. I guess this is a quiescent transition.”

a transition period is a period between two transition periods.