Meet Your Panelists

Miske Ahmed

Miske Ahmed is in her fourth year of English and Professional Writing. One of her biggest dreams is to become a famous writer one day. She hopes that she could inspire and move people with her words. Other than her love for writing, Miske enjoys painting, poetry, and photography.  Her favourite quote as a writer is – “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”. 

Anisa Ali

Anisa is a fourth year english major at York University. She is both a lover of poetry and good company. Although her passion lies in writing, she also aspires to become a teacher that will spark love for the Liberal Arts in the hearts of her students.

Gabriel Crone

Gabriel Crone is a 2nd year York Psychology student who loves reading YA novels, writing imaginative essays, and learning about the human mind. When he’s not studying/stressing/writing, he can be found tutoring students in the community (over Zoom), spending time with his family, and dreaming up new essay topics to write for class.

Hannah Hassan

Hannah Hassan just finished her final year in the professional writing program at York University. This will be her first year participating in the PWSA symposium where she will explore her experience as a writer and confront writer’s block. Hannah is passionate about helping others, whether that is volunteering in her community or editing her friends’ essays. She will be starting her master’s in educational technology this fall.

Sandra Moey

Hi, my name is Sandra! I am a second-year student studying English and Professional Writing. A little bit about me- my favourite sports are badminton and basketball! In my spare time, I like to socialize with my friends, go on long walks, and watch movies. In my first year, I managed to publish one of my works with MacMedia magazine for their counter-culture edition.

Elizabeth Nudo

Hi I’m Lizzie. I’m a professional writing student and I write a lot of poetry and short stories. I’m also musical and I express myself through song and playing instruments. The liminal space you’ll be reading from me today centers around the ropes the virus put around us this past year and how that affected me personally and creatively. I hope you enjoy!

Michelle Pattison

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Ontario Tech University and has just completed her 1st year in the English and Professional Writing Program at York University. She has always had a passion for written expression and is thrilled to develop her poetry and story writing further. When she isn’t studying for her courses, you can find her reading (fantasy novels are her favourite) or working out. 

Jules Quinto

Jules Quinto is a queer and non-binary Canadian student and writer at York University. They have a cat named Luna who they love dearly. In their spare time, Jules reads, plays video games, and knits. Currently, Jules is about to graduate and has no idea what to do with their life, but they’re hoping for the best. 

Sashoy Wilson

Sash is a fourth-year Linguistics, English and Professional Writing major. She is passionate about how language is used to comfort and confront ourselves and others. In her spare time, Sash enjoys reading and working as a co-creator for her book reviewing and editing site My Book Jar. This is Sash’s first year as a PWSA symposium panelist.